ACESO Internet Security will be represented at Block Forum in Vilnius

A two-day exclusive event Startup Europe Block Forum is coming to Vilnius, Lithuania on June 14, and throughout the two days, those attending the conference will have a chance to listen to 30+ speakers and meet crypto leaders from all over the world. Participants will have a chance to discuss blockchain with those who know it best, and establish valuable connections. In addition to the 30+ speakers and 4 social events, there will also be startup pitching.

In May, North East Europe ICO projects were called to enrol into a pitch competition. This provides projects the opportunity to present their ideas to investors attending the Block Forum and be recognized as one of the top 20 ICO projects in the region. The 20 projects selected were invited to attend the Block Forum, where they will have 5 minutes to present their project to the Block Forum audience. After 20 selected projects are given a chance to present, they will be ranked from best to worst by investors, speakers and blockchain project representatives. The TOP 3 projects elected will share the prize pool of other competitors’ tokens (50% of the entire pool).

The most exclusive gathering of blockchain and crypto thought leaders in North East Europe

Block Forum is a great opportunity for start-ups to get their projects into the spotlight and attract possible investors, which is why ACESO decided to participate. ACESO Internet Security had the honour of being selected as one of the TOP 20 ICOs in the North East Europe region, and will be given the chance to present the project to blockchain experts and potential investors during the event. The fact that the project has been recognized and rated as one of the TOP 20 ICO’s in North East Europe brings the team great satisfaction, and will motivate us to work even harder to release the best possible product we can. The 5 minutes given to present the project will be used wisely and hopefully will convince the jury that we deserve the recognition/investment.

ACESO Internet Security Summary

ACESO Internet Security is a project that primarily aims to decrease the expenses for users dealing with malware, while also giving malware researchers the opportunity to earn income by helping said users. ACESO Internet Security offers users to pay for a malware solution/service and not for software. The proposed model would have a malware infected user make a request for a fix, a researcher providing samples for the malware, and a malware analyst providing the fix to the infected user/s. When users make a request, they also offer a reward that would be paid to those who take part in coming up with the fix. The researcher who finds relevant malware samples would receive 30% of the reward, the analyst that develops the fix would get 60%, while ACESO would only take 10%. If 100 users were infected with the same malware, the solution for all of them would be the same, thus malware researchers/analysts would take the rewards of 100 users while only developing that one solution. And the reward would only be paid if the fix is successfully applied to the malware, so users will not be paying for something that does not solve their malware issue.

The whole teams believes ACESO Internet Security has a lot of potential, and being part of the TOP 20 ICOs in North East Europe just proves that the project will succeed.